Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction — Curriculum Studies Concentration Online

Complete Coursework: 36 months | Credit Hours: 60 units
Tuition: $29,950 in-state $33,145 out-of-state

The Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction — Curriculum Studies Concentration is designed for professional educators who want to excel as curriculum specialists in PK-12, higher education institutions or in the private sector.

This Ed.D. prepares leaders for the challenges of curricular administration including culture and leadership, ethics and morals, and curriculum design and implementation.

This online degree program offers:

  • A perspective on contemporary, historical, and critical curriculum issues
  • A diverse curriculum from one of the premier research educational institutions in the country
  • Preparation for educational leadership roles including university professorships, district-level curriculum administration, and school-level instructional positions

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum & Instruction Courses (9 courses) 27 hours
Research Courses (4 courses) 12 hours
Cognate Courses (3 courses) 9 hours
Qualifying Exam
Comprehensive Exam Portfolio (submit after 42 credits) (PASS=Candidacy)
Applied Dissertation Proposal (completed after comprehensive PASS)
Applied Dissertation Credits and Dissertation (899 credits) 12 hours
Total credit hours 60 hours

Course List

Instructional Design and Assessment
EDET 722
Duration: 8 weeks  | Credit hours: 3 units
Principles and models of instructional design and the assessment of learning. Applications of the instructional design process and assessment criteria to develop instruction and assessment tools for technology-based environments.
Applications of Learning Principles
EDET 709
Duration: 8 weeks  | Credit hours: 3 units
Behavioral and cognitive learning principles applicable to the design of technology-based instruction and performance training.

Core Curriculum & Instruction Courses

Introduction to Diversity and the Curriculum
EDCS 720
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
An introduction to the vast array of differences among children, youth, and adults and the impact of these differences on the curriculum, their learning, and their social and emotional development.
Principles of Curriculum Construction
EDCS 725
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Presentation of methods and procedures to design, develop, implement, and evaluate curricula.
Curriculum Leadership
EDCS 726
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Study of theory, research, and practice of curriculum leadership as a transformative enterprise with particular focus on embracing diversity and fostering social justice in schools and other social institutions.
Advanced Study of Diversity and Curriculum
EDCS 820
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
The formulation and use of interpretive frameworks to study and understand the relationships among human diversity, school structures, and the curriculum.
Curriculum Seminar: Classics & Theory
EDCS 824
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Intensive study of a designated topic influencing curriculum theory and/or practice.
Field Study Preparation
EDTE 780
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Instructional planning, including evaluation and dissemination strategies related to improvements and innovations in the classroom. Emphasis is on preparation of written instructional plan for implementation in EDTE 781 Advanced Field Study of Teaching.
Advanced Field Study Preparation
EDTE 781
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Students will conduct and report results of a field study of a selected instructional innovation as specified by an implementation plan developed in EDTE 780.

Research Courses

Introduction to Research in Education
EDRM 700
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Concepts and methods of conducting research in education.
Classroom Assessment Methods
EDRM 723
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Emphasis in the linkages between curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and the development of assessments for learning outcomes. Methods include observations, interviewing, performance assessments, portfolios, and classroom tests.
Action Research in Teaching
EDTE 712
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Introduction to action research through the investigation of a significant question or issue related to teaching in PreK through 12 schools.
Action Research Capstone Seminar
EDTE 713
Duration: 8 weeks  |  Credit hours: 3 units
Culminating experience that includes completion of an action research project and a thorough review of professional growth.

Cognate Courses

Students must speak to their advisor to be scheduled for these courses.

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